IT Consultant Available for Projects / Outsourcing missions



Jose Nuno Neto


I am an Senior IT consultant (13 Years ) expert in Linux systems and Open Source software.


I use development/coding/systems on a daily basis. I run Linux hosting servers where I can experiment new technology and keep up to date


Have built mobile application projects to keep my development skills fresh.

I'm a self learner and gained extensive knowledge on Unix/Linux systems through work experience, I adapt quickly and pick up new technologies very easily.

My Goal is to work on projects where I can use and improve my skills.

Check my LinkedIn Profile here
for references, network, feel free to ask to connect


Contact me to talk about what I can do for your organization, describe your IT needs and I can propose opensource technologies and create a quick Proof of Concept or Demo.


Linux Systems +15 years experience
Mobile applications development
  • Android ios Cordova firebase
Scripting Development 9 years
  • js ios php perl nodejs bash python
Database Design and Administration 5Years
  • mysql mongodb
Cloud systems and applications setup ( AWS / Google / Alibaba )
  • aws lambda aws_dynamo aws_iam googlecloud

Work Done So Far

2016 - 2018 :: Mobile App development

2013 :: Training Consultant

2012 :: Unix / Linux Systems Engineer

2012 :: Linux Performance Engineer

2009 - 2011 :: Linux Systems Engineer

2009 :: Senior Unix / Linux Systems Admin

2008 :: Senior Unix Systems Consultant

2008 :: Senior Linux Systems Consultant

2007 :: Senior Linux Systems Consultant

  • liber4e

2003 - 2007 :: Senior Linux Consultant / Web Developer / DBA

Read in more detail here


Systems Consulting onsite/offsite

  • Systems Architecture Design Deployment
  • Systems performance tuning and performance analysis
  • Systems/Software Upgrades
  • High-Availability Setup
  • Virtualization/Cloud Setup
  • DevOps / Automation Enablement SetUp ( docker / ansible / openshift )
  • Unix/Windows to Linux Migration
  • MicroServices Setup/Migration
  • BackEnd / FrontEnd Application Development

Consulting is sold on Man/Days price range from 40-80Eur/Hour depending on assignment duration/location

Reach out for a advice

Web and Mobile Solutions

Web and Mobile Solutions are sold on a project base, prices starting on 3.000Eur

Amazon AWS Migration Consulting

Consulting work for AWS setup RoadMap Cost analysis Applications and Workloads Migration

Micro Services Consulting

Consulting service for appliction analysis and break in small micro-services that can be containerized.

Training onsite

I partner with Linux/Opensource training provider GuruLabs: GurulabsPartner

I can deliver the catalogue of Gurulabs courseware, adapted to a custom audience, onsite with hands on labs. Training content is usually made for a week full work session, but can be delivered in a custom speed, half-day sessions, 1day per week, has it fits team schedules. Cost of session is on average 3000Eur/5DaysWeek, this works has reference, after a initial contact I can propose a course content, delivery plan and price.