IT Consultant Available for Projects / Outsourcing missions


Jose Nuno Neto

I am an Senior IT consultant (13 Years ) expert in Linux systems and Open Source software.

I use development/coding/systems on a daily basis. I run Linux hosting servers where I can experiment new technology and keep up to date

Have built mobile application projects to keep my development skills fresh.
I'm a self learner and gained extensive knowledge on Unix/Linux systems through work experience, I adapt quickly and pick up new technologies very easily.

My Goal is to work on projects where I can use and improve my skills.

Check my LinkedIn Profile here
for references, network, feel free to ask to connect

Contact me to talk about what I can do for your organization, describe your IT needs and I can propose opensource technologies and create a quick Proof of Concept or Demo.

Work Done So Far

2016 - 2018 :: Mobile App development

2013 :: Training Consultant

2012 :: Unix / Linux Systems Engineer

2012 :: Linux Performance Engineer

2009 - 2011 :: Linux Systems Engineer

2009 :: Senior Unix / Linux Systems Admin

2008 :: Senior Unix Systems Consultant

2008 :: Senior Linux Systems Consultant

2007 :: Senior Linux Systems Consultant

2003 - 2007 :: Senior Linux Consultant / Web Developer / DBA


Linux Systems +10 years experience

design, build, automate, security
RHCE certified engineer

Mobile applications development

Scripting Development 9 years

Database Design and Administration 5Years

Cloud systems and applications setup ( AWS / Google / Alibaba )


Consulting onsite/offsite

  • Systems Architecture Design Deployment
  • Systems performance tuning and performance analysis
  • Systems/Software Upgrades
  • High-Availability Setup
  • Virtualization/Cloud Setup
  • DevOps / Automation Enablement SetUp ( docker / ansible / openshift )
  • Unix/Windows to Linux Migration
  • MicroServices Setup/Migration ( REST API )
  • BackEnd / FrontEnd Application Development

Consulting is sold on Man/Days price range from 250-500Eur depending on assignment duration
Reach out for a advice

Web and Mobile Solutions

Web and Mobile Solutions are sold on a project base, prices starting on 3.000Eur
Reach out for a quote or demo

Training onsite

I partner with Linux/Opensource training provider GuruLabs:

I can deliver the catalogue of Gurulabs courseware, adapted to a custom audience, onsite with hands on labs.
Training content is usually made for a week full work session, but can be delivered in a custom speed, half-day sessions, 1day per week, has it fits team schedules.
Cost of session is on average 3000Eur/5DaysWeek, this works has reference, after a initial contact I can propose a course content, delivery plan and price.
More Information on Training Here