Work Done So Far

vesperia numericall

02/2019 - 03/2019 :: PHP Training Consultant

VesperiaGroup / Numericall Trainer for a PHP 7 Training Course Topics including: php 7, git , mysql, apache, Web Forms Security, Token, CRSF, XSS, Sql Injection, Cryptography Build of an Web Application ( PHP PDO / MySQL ) for Students Practice


10/2018 - 12/2018 :: Mobile App development

Mobile application Development for Tourism Audio Guide. Application Architecture and Development.

App Project Page google-play-badge

Tech: Hybrid application / cordova / phonegap / ionic / javascript / css / node.js / linux / html5 / yaml / grunt / git / rest / json

2016 - 2018 :: Mobile App development

I created a mobile application for video live effects, it is available on google play market.

Development was made on Javascript with the Cordova/PhoneGap FrameWork.

Advanced features developed like, code update over the air, code protection, remote variable settings, computer vision and face recognition

Development platform is Linux with node.js and tools for automate deployment/versioning like firebase, grunt, bash scripts

Created the web site for the application page, including html5/css editing and cloud hosting.

App Project Page



technologies used:

Hybrid application / cordova/phone gap / firebase / javascript / css / node.js / linux / cloud hosting

Linux Systems Admin work on webhosting server, system upgrade, security, performance

Reverse proxy setup with cloudflare service


2013 :: Training Consultant

RedHat JBoss middleware software training session

Created a custom training session for a 2 hour introduction to JBoss EAP, including a overview on the software and demo of the most common operations, start/stop, deploy/undeploy apps, manage servers or group of servers under a domain


2012 :: Unix / Linux Systems Engineer

Industry: Public Sector

Member of the Unix team providing support and project work for all unix systems of the European Commission (+2000 servers Solaris / Linux / PROD / DEV )

Project work: upgrade of the configuration management tool cfengine, improve automation and system provisioning


Redhat Linux 5.4 / 5.8 Solaris 9 10 / Solaris Zones Sun Cluster Vmware Veritas vxfs Legato Networker backup Cfengine 3 / SVN / Automation / System provisioning HeartBeat / KVM / pacemaker perl scripting


2012 :: Linux Performance Engineer

Industry: Banking / Finance

Was hired to provide Linux performance tuning/monitoring knowledge for the Technical Testing Team

Environment is based on Linux, WebLogic,Oracle and several legacy banking applications ( C, Cobol )

Acceptance test are executed on the environment, using schedulers ( UC4 ), performance analysis is matched against a baseline. I�m expected to improve the capture and analysis of the linux systems, and input some tuning settings. Installation of the several releases of software is expected has well.

Environment: Redhat Linux 5.4 / 5.8 Veritas Cluster / Veritas Volume Manager Oracle 11G /Toad / sqlplus Websphere


2009 - 2011 :: Linux Systems Engineer

Industry: Banking

DIMENSION: Medium/Large, 3 Data center +300Servers ( Solaris / Linux )

ROLE: Senior Linux Systems Consultant: Architect/Design and Administration of linux systems

TEAM: Unix/Linux Administration Team

I was hired for this role to provide linux clustering knowledge to the unix team. I spent initial 6 months designing, testing, documenting the new cluster systems. Works involved analysis, discussion with storage and network specialists, intensive testing and tuning on performance and reliability.

Next period provided some training to the team, and worked on other running projects, including upgrade of satellite server, testing ( POC) of virtualization/cloud computing and live OS migration with KVM, automation/optimization of the build process with kickstart, customization of standard build based on RHEL 6, physical migration to virtual p2v

Maintenance/operations tasks on Linux/Solaris systems

OS Security and certificate (PKI ) management.

Work is performed under ITIL environment.

Several POC: drbd disk replication, oracle cluster, jboss server, virtualization, high availability solutions


RedHat 4|5|6, Redhat cluster suite, Oracle,scripting:perl,shell, bash. iscsi, san storage, multipath,lvm, RedHat Satellite, Sybase ASE,MySQL,Apache,NetBackup,Mq Series,Mercator, HPC, cobbler,puppet,JBoss, subversion , cvs. c code editing, Solaris OS, hp smartstart, insight manager, centos OS, oracle vm virtualbox, citrix xenserver

Systems / Services to manage ::: OS: Linux RedHat / Ubuntu +/- 100


2009 :: Senior Unix / Linux Systems Admin

Industry: IT

ROLE: Senior Unix / Linux Systems Administration

Unix Systems Support Team; Third Line Support

On this role I was part of a remote support team from HP that provided systems administration services to several customers among them, one large cable tv operator with very complex systems.

I was hired to provide Linux high level knowledge and training to the Unix team. Fix security issues on Linux Systems.

Provided also generic maintenance OS tasks on HP-UX,Solaris,Linux

Main Customers:

ZON :: ISP leader in Portugal ( +/- 100 Unix/Linux Servers

SonaeSierra : Real Estate :+/- 30 Servers: Linux / HP-UX

GCT Retail Chain +/- 30 Servers:: Linux / HP-UX Servers


UX 11.11 - 11.23, Solaris 9,Linux Suse,RedHat,Oracle Linux, Oracle DB, Sigma,SAP,VOIP,TIBCO,Siebel, Oracle Cluster, HP Service Guard Cluster,RedHat Cluster Suite, SAP, MySQL, MySQL replication, DNS, LDAP, qmail servers, VmWare ESX, Veritas NetBackup, Veritas Storage and Backups, HP SAN EVA STORAGE, HP OpenView, HP Service Guard, HP Service Desk ,HPC, vxvm

Major Tasks

Unix Administration Team

Provide UNIX / Linux OS support to HP clients systems, troubleshoot issues, build new systems, install/configure software, manage access / security, Design Cluster / Applications / Architecture for new systems, MySQL tunning, hot backup setup, clustering setup. 24/7 Environment, OnCall support shifts, automation and scripting for administration tasks with bash, perl. Manage Storage on HP EVA and Veritas


2008 :: Senior Unix Systems Consultant

Industry: Telecom / IT

ROLE: Senior Unix Systems Consultant

My main task on this role was to design a mediation software for capturing email data information and stored it for quick search purposes needed by law. Other tasks included Solaris Administration and automation of web applications testing.

Technologies: Solaris, MySQL, Bash, AWK,Perl, Eclipse, windows, Linux, ubuntu, Selenium, Cacti


2008 :: Senior Linux Systems Consultant

Industry: IT Consulting Services / web services

ROLE: Senior Linux Systems Consultant

I was hired to perform the migration of services from old redhat systems to a vmware based solution. I was responsible for all redhat/linux work and gave inputs to the vmware design team.

Service to be migrated was a large web site with medium traffic

Technologies: vmware esx, apache 2, reverse proxy, bind, postfix,rpm, make,cmake, Webshpere


2007 :: Senior Linux Systems Consultant

Industry: IT Consulting Services

ROLE: Senior Linux Systems Consultant

I was hired has a Linux specialist to be part of the team conducting acceptance tests/checking on a very large datacenter migration with +200 linux servers being moved to dhl prague datacenter. I perform systems audit,created some automation tools for the work, and participate on regular meetings


HP ProLiant DL580 G4, HP StorageWorks, Veritas, RedHat Linux 4 | 5, Run bash script


2003 - 2007 :: Senior Linux Consultant / Web Developer / DBA

Industry: IT Consulting Services

ROLE: Senior Linux Consultant / Web Developer / Database Administration / Security

I perform several projects directly to end customers for companies in Portugal, those projects were mostly web based solutions and involved coding/development, database design and systems administration.

Besides the technical work I also did the sales, customer contact, project management.

Created a hosting service based on Linux together with a monitoring solution.

Security of Hosting servers ( selinux, firewall,auditd, Intrusion detection IDE )

Developed a php based framework for quick setup of web based solutions

Setup several business suites for Content Management, eCommerce, CRM and ERP solutions based on open source software.

Build/Tested several high-availability solutions based on Linux


sendmail, nagios , munin, apache, Mysql, linux-ha,mysql cluster,vmware, Solaris 9, Open Solaris, ubuntu cluster, windows , Gentoo, Oracle, make,cmake,ant,kickstart,cobbler, PHP, Eclipse, KDE Kdevelopment, Joomla, VirtueMart, CRM vTiger,bash, Android OS, Eucaliptos,JBoss, amazon ec2, cloud computing, citrix xenserver, firewall, iptables, nessus,tripwire, postgres,