Application Development Services based in Hybrid Software


Framework based application development

One Code serves all mobile platforms

  • Android ios

Challenges with Mobile App Develop:

  • MobiApp
  • High Cost Process
  • Multiple Devices IOS| Android | Windows |
  • User Interface Design UX/UI
  • Integration with Back-End Resources
  • Time: Speed of Development
  • Maintenance and App Support
  • Security: User Authentication & Data Encryption




  • Reusable code across platforms
  • Support for offline scenarios
  • Access native device APIs
  • Access external REST APIs
  • Solid Developer Community
  • Used in several popular commercial frameworks: PhoneGap | Ionic | Monaca


Why: Advantages of Hybrid Apps:

  • One only code base, develop once for all platforms
  • Full coverage Android, iPhone, Wearables, and more – all at once.
  • Easier Maintenance
  • Lower Cost
  • Faster Development
  • Perfect timing
  • New features can be released for all platforms at the same time.
  • Large code base for javascript libraries
Native functionality
  • You get all the best native apps can give you.
  • Ease of Integration: several plugins for device applications( camera, messaging, GPS,...)
  • Connection to External API through ajax calls
Improved UI/UX:
  • Several HTML5 templates tested and ready to use
Open source

Use Cases:

Location Based Applications



  • GPS Points of Interested
  • Location Tracking of Vehicles
  • Route/Distance Calculation
  • Technologies
  • GPS Device Sensor
  • Google Maps API
  • Google Cloud ( BackEnd Process )
  • Node js for process automation

Use Cases:

Smart City Applications



  • Citizens app
  • Gps Problem reporting
  • Multimedia Location Information ( GPS | iBeacons )
  • Active Safety ( personal tracking )
  • BackEnd/Back Office
  • Recorded Data Process/Format
  • Traffic analysis

Use Cases:

Audio/Video Guide Applications



  • Guide
  • Map Navigation
  • Multimedia Content based on Location ( Beacon Support )
  • Audio/Video Content triggered automatically
  • Augmented Reality
  • Social Sharing
  • BackEnd/Back Office
  • Content Management
  • Automated Content Processing ( Importing / Formatting )
  • Analytics

Use Cases:

Branded Video Creator


  • Allows end users to create and share branded videos
  • Allows a strong social network presence
  • Sharing to All Social Networks

Media Content Producers

  • Share content through users
  • High impact campaign
  • Monetization possibilities with app advertising
  • Automated Video Integration

Use Cases:

Branded Video Creator

Digital Advertising Agencies

  • Propose to agency customers
  • Can create Viral campaigns
  • One App to share to all social networks

Sports Clubs

  • Offer fans a branded video
  • Engage fans
  • Expand fan user base
  • Increase visibility on social networks
  • Monetization possible


We have a Cordova Client Application code base already developed


Development of additional features for Client App Development of BackEnd features

Video demo of FrameWork ( Android | IOS ) and Work Examples

Checkout App Portofolio:






  • No Asian Outsourcing

  • Consultant Local to Central Europe, Luxembourg, in Person meetings in benelux / France / Germany

  • Eu benelux

  • france germany

  • Local European Languages: English | French | German

  • en fr de

  • Developer with +15 years IT Work Experience Experience

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    for references, network, feel free to ask to connect

Technology Choice

  • Using the most up-to-date and emerging technology
  • FrontEnd Frameworks Cordova | React
  • BackEnd node.js | Amazon Aws Cognito | Google Firebase
  • js js firebase
  • aws Cordova

Project Managment

  • In Person meetings
  • Shared Development space with slack
  • Agile, cost and time saving development methods
  • ScrumFrameworkTest
  • Shorter development times, lower costs for customers

Cost Advantages

  • Lower Market Rates
  • 40Eur / Hour Development time
  • 3.000Eur - 5.000Eur closed project costs

Reach out:

  • Have a need for new technology?
  • Ask for an advise on technology
  • Want to test a new tech
  • Get a simple Demo / Proof of Concept free of charge
  • Have a project defined?
  • Send your requirements and get a Time and price quote