Training onsite

we partner with Linux/Opensource training provider GuruLabs:

I can deliver the catalogue of Gurulabs courseware, adapted to a custom audience, onsite with hands on labs.
Training content is usually made for a week full work session, but can be delivered in a custom speed, half-day sessions, 1day per week, has it fits team schedules.
Cost of session is on average 3000Eur/5DaysWeek, this works has reference, after a initial contact I can propose a course content, delivery plan and price.
Reach out for a quote

Current Courseware

  • GL120 - Linux Fundamentalse
  • GL124 - Red Hat Enterprise Linux Systems Admin Ie
  • GL134 - Red Hat Enterprise Linux Systems Admin IIe
  • GL254 - Red Hat Enterprise Linux Systems Administration IIIe
  • GL190 - Linux Command Line Skillse
  • GL375 - Linux Shell Scriptinge
  • GL550 - Enterprise Linux Security Administratione
  • GL645 - RHEL Clustering and Storage Managemente
  • GL615 - Linux for Unix Administratorse
  • GL290 - Red Hat Enterprise Linux for Solaris Administratorse
  • GL325 - Linux Performance Monitoring and Systems Analysise
  • GL314 - Linux Troubleshootinge
  • GL275 - Enterprise Linux Networking Servicese
  • GL250 - Enterprise Linux System Administratione
  • Jboss Custom Training Sessionse