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Coupa Express is an e-procurement system that helps businesses automate and control their purchasing process. It is so much better than manual purchasing processes! Purchasing automation guarantees your business moves faster, while approval controls ensure disciplined decision-making every step of the way.

Coupa Express Process Flow

Coupa Express supports basic requisitioning and PO management. Requesters access Coupa via a web browser to input requisitions. Managers process approval requests online or via email. Approved requests are converted into PO’s automatically and routed to suppliers. It’s that simple - Coupa replaces your manual, labor-intensive purchasing procedures with an electronic and automated system complete with audit-worthy records and controls.

Many of the specific capabilities included in Coupa Express are described below:

Simple, web-shopping interface - Coupa looks and feels far more like interacting with a consumer web shopping site than a traditional and stodgy business application. As a result, finding and buying goods and services is quick and easy.

Web Shopping Interface

Create requisitions with:

Local catalogs - Load Coupa with preferred pricing and contract items from your suppliers. A simple text file is all that’s required to get started.

Punch Out to supplier websites - Connect Coupa to major distributors like Office Depot or Dell. Users log into Coupa, then “punch out” to the supplier website. They search and buy on the supplier website, but checkout returns them to Coupa where your approval workflow, shipping, and accounting preferences are applied.

Non-catalog requests - With Coupa Express you don’t have to do a lot of setup to start buying. Just type in an order in our editable shopping cart.

Send POs to suppliers via email and XML - Once purchasing requests are approved, Coupa automatically converts them into Purchase Orders and can issue them to suppliers. You can email purchase orders using a customizable pdf version of the purchase order, or use XML to directly integrate to supplier e-commerce systems.

PO Communication

P-card support - Coupa requesters can include a P-card in their profile information. What a p-card? It’s a fancy purchasing term for a company-issued credit card used for purchases. When requesters buy from suppliers, they can indicate payment via the P-card. This simplifies the invoice reconciliation and payment process for buying organizations, and also gets suppliers paid more quickly.

Requisition history - Requesters don’t have to call anyone to find out approval status, PO information, or receiving information - it’s all available via a complete Requisition History in Coupa Express.

Global Search

Global search - Finding the goods and services you need to buy is often a challenge in e-procurement systems - that’s why we’ve included a search engine that allows requesters to search across local catalogs, punch out suppliers, and how-to-buy policies all at the same time.

Add A Tag

Content tagging - Enlist requesters to improve how the search engine works by using Flickr-like (Flickr is a photo sharing site!) content tagging. Requesters, once they find an item, can tag it to put it in a list (e.g. Laptops) or to include synonyms for the item that may be more familiar to everyone in the organization.

Multi-currency support - Coupa supports multiple currencies. Activate as many ISO currencies as you require and establish exchange rates between them.

Policy and Approval Management

Built-in, How to Buy policies - With Coupa, you can document what the rules are for buying good and services and embed them in Global Search. Requesters read the rules when they’re important - helping everyone save time and money.

How To Buy Policy

Requisition approvals sent via email - There’s no need for managers to sit and wait in Coupa for a pending approval request. Approval requests are emailed out and can be viewed not only in popular email clients like Microsoft Outlook but also on mobile devices such as a Blackberry or iPhone.

Ask an Expert Q&A forums - Coupa includes an embedded forum for capturing common questions and answers. The Q&A is accessible via Global Search, making the system more and more valuable to your organization over time.

Content and Catalog Management

Supplier catalog creation and maintenance - Load catalogs from a text file, include pictures of items with url references. Create items quickly through an online form, and maintain items and prices over time.

Create Items

Employee reviews - Requesters can provide feedback on purchased catalog items using a star rating and comments. This helps other requesters make smarter purchasing decisions and is invaluable to management during supplier contract negotiation or re-negotiation.


Desktop Receiving - Requesters can note when goods and services are received, helping build a sound payables policy.

Desktop Receiving

Administration Console

Rapid setup with csv loader for accounts, users, suppliers - Flatfile support insures your ability to get data into Coupa simply and easily.

Administrative screens - Coupa provides convenient configuration and setup screens for your chart of accounts and other information.

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